Financial institutions in Michigan can reduce lending risk and secure collateral easily through Electronic Titling and Registration by CVR.

CVR Michigan EVR helps Financial Institutions:

  • Get titles perfected immediately, including lien placement when needed
  • Ensure taxes and title/registration fees are paid to the state in a timely manner
  • Complete Secretary of State paperwork accurately, efficiently and immediately
  • Reduce fraud and confirm collateral status through the CVR Michigan and NMVTIS Inquiry systems
  • Satisfy your members/customers with a full-service solution that saves them — and you — a trip to the local Secretary of State branch

CVR Michigan EVR is also available to help you with:

  • Private party purchases (non-dealer transactions)
  • Refinancing of a competitor’s loan
  • Lease-to-buy conversions (a.k.a lease buyouts)

Use CVR Michigan EVR to:


Quickly title, register and renew vehicles, so you know the lien has been added, and the title created.


Inquire on the DMV database to find and confirm title and registration information.


Manual titling and registration can be error-prone. And mistakes can be hard to fix. CVR makes it quick, easy and error-free.


Michigan businesses have trusted CVR to provide them with an integrated electronic interface for processing vehicle title applications and registration. With a proven track record of processing millions of transactions each year across the U.S., our experience is our strength — helping us provide the technology that you need to run your business more efficiently now and in the future.


We offer industry-leading customer service and support, process registrations in all 50 states with our partner ATC, and we provide title history lookup for all 50 states with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).

Sign up today. Contact our CVR Michigan EVR team at or fill out the form on this page.